Alabama State forever shirt

Alabama State forever shirt
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There should be an award for the ones who are having a tough year at home because of family changes or loss. They had constant thoughts and images from the days before running through their head while they tried to concentrate on the Alabama State forever shirt instruction. It’s so hard to separate home and school life, but somehow they made it through. This year they learned they are stronger and braver than they could have ever known. There should be an award for the student who spent much of the year questioning their identity.

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They can’t help but feel different like they don’t belong. Maybe they don’t look like the others, or maybe they don’t think like the others – but something in them seems out of place. Instead of shutting down and running away, they began asking tough questions. They began to find themselves, and this journey of self-discovery will lead to a happier life. This year they learned you don’t have to fit in to deserve a space in this world. There should be an award for you too, mama. You meet your child where they are. You love them no matter their achievements or their struggles. You have given your all to help them get ahead.

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You have spent hours with them in their tears and frustrations over flashcards, homework sheets, and projects. You have held their tender words and their hopes and fears in your heart as it broke right alongside theirs. It hasn’t been easy, your baby is worth it. We know that an Alabama State forever shirt will never define our children, but we also know that they are worth recognizing. Let’s slow down and make sure our kids know we are proud of them. Let’s spend time with them taking count of all they got right this year.

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