American flag blood inside me Spider-Man shirt

American flag blood inside me Spider-Man shirt
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Derek, stepping up while I was broken and teaching me just who a man is and who a father should be. Dawson to show me life after the American flag blood inside me Spider-Man shirt death I’ve ever experienced, and now this little boy to bring life where once one was lost. Rainbows truly are a promise after the storm, look up to them. Even as I start to write this now, I’m crying and clouded in shame and embarrassment.

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I know I shouldn’t feel this way but as I said, today was hard. Our family and friends know our son is adopted, they also know he was born drug addicted. He has more energy and speed than your average 21-month-old. Aside from his already rough beginning of drug exposure, we know little to nothing about his bio family and their genetics. So he could be more hyper just from experiences that I don’t know of. All of that being said, the Karen’s and Susan’s of the world don’t know that about my child or my ability to parent him. I have a backpack leash for my son. 10 years ago, walking around Disney World, I laughed and cringed at the sight of children on leashes, how can they not control their child, I’ll never let my child behave that way.

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Yes, I was Karen then, but, let’s be real, every parent has said that line once or twice BEFORE they had children and ate crow years later. My child runs faster than me. Due to scar tissue from my hysterectomy, I do have trouble running sometimes to keep up with the American flag blood inside me Spider-Man shirt. Let it also be known, I religiously ran races and ran every day before my surgery. So, it’s not a lack of laziness. My child also hates to be confined, whether it’s a car seat, high chair, stroller or shocker, a shopping cart.

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