Aristides Aquino The Punisher Shirt

Aristides Aquino The Punisher Shirt
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Every alcoholic or addict I’ve known has tried the same methods. At 19, I went to America to travel. I did this a lot in my twenties, spending time traveling around the Aristides Aquino The Punisher Shirt trying to escape myself, but always ending up in the same place again alone, confused, scared and a failure.

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What I was doing was running away from myself. I’ve been to some incredible glamorous places, and I hated all of them because of how I felt. Somehow I always managed to hold down a job and got through university, but I was just ‘holding on.’ I tried to ‘lose myself’ in relationships, I almost got married to a man I didn’t love because I thought that marriage would ‘save me,’ and everything would then be ‘fixed.’ However, all my romantic relationships were based on dishonesty, fear, and neediness. I couldn’t believe anyone would want to be with me when they found out how disgusting I was. I felt so unworthy of love that it was beyond my comprehension that anyone could love me.

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So like a lot of alcoholics, I just took ‘hostages’ because being alone scared me so much. I was always searching, looking for answers. I have a massive thirst for life, and this is what saved me. Because I remained curious, I eventually stumbled across the Aristides Aquino The Punisher Shirt to my problem. When I was drinking I always felt discontented I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential, I knew I wasn’t the person I knew I could be and I drank on these feelings because they were too painful to acknowledge to myself.

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