Arya Stark Air Arya Goat Game of Thrones shirt

Arya Stark Air Arya Goat Game of Thrones shirt
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Do it and also revoke parents’ ability to refuse medical treatment for their children in general. There’s no reason why someone without medical training should be having an opinion on these things. Ella White What does it matter if I have kids or not? They’re not property, and the mere act of reproducing doesn’t give you the inherent ability to know what is medically required. Rosalind Saville yes it does matter. Once u become a parent, you will see how much change you go through as a human being. Up to the Arya Stark Air Arya Goat Game of Thrones shirt. I ain’t had to mine when it was single injections. I had German measles and mumps as a child and am fine. I will never have the vaccine now. Survivors bias. Obviously, you wouldn’t be here to say it’s fine if you were one of the people who it was not fine for. Ergo, your experience is meaningless. Louise Ingram if one parent does not vaccinate their children, another parents child who can’t be vaccinated may well end up with the measles.

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Arya Stark Air Arya Goat Game of Thrones shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater designed by Ralphiotees

Chris Bass That is my point. Also, meningitis and kill more people and signs get missed by doctors and most people who get it die yet they have stopped the big in school yet nobody kicked off about that.  David Feetenby Not really. Shame people don’t kick off about the being stopped in school yet and meningitis kills at least 100 people in the UK every year and signs get missed by doctors until you end up on life support then prob die. Louise Ingram I’d just like to know from where you have sourced your research? For one thing, every meningitis case I’ve witnessed has been picked up by a medical professional, and another, it’s a very tough fight against meningitis, so yes a lot of people die. The Arya Stark Air Arya Goat Game of Thrones shirt vaccination was implemented to replace the BCG as TB is far less common in modern society, as a result of vaccinations.

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