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Asl Boo Halloween Shirt
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What’s most disturbing is the obvious lie the White House came up with to explain Trump’s absence from the climate talks. They said he had bilateral meetings with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at that time when in fact they both were at the Asl Boo Halloween Shirt climate meeting. What does this look like to the world when the White House doesn’t care about making an obviously false statement that was so easy to debunk. Another democratic run city and you can’t even enjoy the water. Homeless Americans in the Street and you allow illegal immigrants to put in for a lottery for government-funded houses.

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That’s why the Democratic Party is the laughing post of this country. Your politicians are so as I say not as a do. Bernie runs on climate change yet flies private all the time, Al Gore buys a multi-million dollar estate on the water after spreading fear of rising sea levels, and then you have Obama spending 15 mils for an estate in Martha’s Vineyard yet is preaching about rising sea levels. I do not understand why CNN wouldn’t turn the page on the old CNN and begin a new chapter reporting only legitimate news without opinion. Leave the opinion shows to Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson.

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Find a new niche. There are a lot of people who would love to have a new source that was just a news source without any political agenda attached to it. As we speak there is no such thing and there are literally millions of people who crave a reliable NEWS source. Your ratings and viewership are so in the Asl Boo Halloween Shirt tank what do you have to lose. I like opinion shows as much as the next guy but that’s not where I want to get my news from. And being a talk show host for a news network doesn’t make you a journalist.

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