Avengers Fat Thor the God of thunder shirt

Avengers Fat Thor the God of thunder shirt
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In Avengers: Endgame, the surviving heroes wrestled with the reality that half of all beings in the Avengers Fat Thor the God of thunder shirt had been snapped out of existence. But that’s not all they wrestled with. Spoilers ahead, folks! People getting offended by everything. Thor has become very relatable. Fat Thor was awesome! Dude lost his Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, his entire people he’s supposed to be a King over, then failed to protect Earth, lost his eye, got his ass handed to him by Thanos. His original hammer destroyed. Enslaved and forced to fight in arenas. He failed to live up to the expectations of his parents. He’s depressed. Made him more relatable and real. Guy is a “God” and yet still a person that was trying to find himself. His character in the movies is probably the most fleshed out from the rest of the MCU. Can’t wait to see more of his journeys especially with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Can’t wait to see how they build him back up.

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