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The United States’ existing federal agency policies regarding the hiring of federal workers are sufficient to fulfill the obligations set forth in this Article. The Article thus requires no additional action on the part of the United States, including any amendments to Title VII of the Best Poppy Ever Shirt Rights Act of 1964, in order for the United States to be in compliance with the obligations set forth in this Article. The federal government does not ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in the private sector, so this footnote effectively says that doing nothing to protect the majority of workers is sufficient to meet the treaty’s requirements. Late on Tuesday, there was another development in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and a Russian criminal conspiracy to hack Democratic email accounts and influence the 2016 election.

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Mueller filed a sentencing memo regarding Michael Flynn, the former general who was briefly President Trump’s national security adviser after working for the campaign for months. Mueller advised the court to take it easy on Flynn, who pled guilty for lying to the FBI because Flynn has apparently upheld his end of a cooperation deal. To be fair, the memo doesn’t say much, because huge chunks are redacted due to the ongoing investigation. But it’s easy enough to read between the lines. The fact that Mueller appears satisfied with Flynn’s cooperation and that massive amounts of black ink are blocking most facts about the investigation — including exactly who or what is being investigated — suggests that Flynn was a songful birdie and that what he had to share was extensive. When bad news comes down about Trump, Fox News likes to turn to culture-war distractions, getting viewers riled up about political correctness Best Poppy Ever Shirt they simply don’t pay attention to evidence that the president might be a criminal.

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