Bomba squad twins shirt

Bomba squad twins shirt
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It is hard for my son who fights to stay out of trouble. Studying and homework aren’t his ideas of fun, but he gives his all when he has it to give. His best will never look like citizen awards and scholar of the year certificates, but I wouldn’t change him for the Bomba squad twins shirt. School is hard, and success looks different on every child. If you have a child who isn’t getting many certificates or plaques this year, I want you to know that it’s ok. I realize it stings a little because I feel it too – but mama, your child is worth celebrating.

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There may not be an award for them this year, but I think there should be. There should be an award for the kid who didn’t get it all right but got a little better every day. Sitting still and being quiet is dang near impossible, but they kept trying. For every thought that went through their tiny head but didn’t escape their mouth – that’s a victory. This year they learned a little more self-control and are able to concentrate a little longer. There should be an award for the boy who just couldn’t understand.

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Bomba squad twins shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater designed by Kingtees

The words on the pages jumbled together, and the numbers in the equation just never added up how they were supposed to. He was frustrated and embarrassed, and sometimes he felt plain dumb – but he never gave up. This year he learned that sometimes you have to work a little harder, but that failing for a season doesn’t make you a failure. What a sting to be excluded and talked down to. Instead of joining in and repeating the Bomba squad twins shirt words that echoed in their ears, they ignored it and found new friends to hang out with.

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