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Just the terrible thoughts in my head. Lela dropped me off and went to go park. I raced up to Neuro ICU and ran into some double doors that happened to be open. I turned to my right and saw a crew of doctors performing surgery on a person’s head. With horror in the Born To Fuck Shirt nurse’s eyes, she realized I belonged to the man under the operating light. She quickly rushed me into the waiting room. A doctor came out quickly after. I was alone. Completely and utterly alone. He explained to me that.

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They were not exactly sure what happened, but Brian was in a bad car accident and they are trying to stabilize him. He took a huge hit to the Born To Fuck Shirt head and was having internal bleeding. The doctor told me this could most likely cause brain damage. It was then that I dropped to my knees in an empty hallway and just sobbed. My whole body was trembling. I will never forget this moment. Lela soon showed up along with my mother and brother who drove 30 minutes to make sure I was okay. After.

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An hour of waiting, my dad, other brother and two sisters with their husbands came to the hospital. Within two hours I had over 15 people in the Born To Fuck Shirt waiting room with me. Even with this support system I still felt completely alone. They would try to make small talk but all I could think of was Brian. It felt as if there was a huge bubble in my chest that caused me not to speak. I remember staring off into those pale blue walls and only thinking of Brian. He was the only one I wanted.

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To be next to. After what seemed like forever, the doctor came in and brought me into a tiny room. They asked me if I would be interested in signing Brian up to be a research patient. I looked at my parents in disbelief that they would ask this of me without ever updating me on Brian’s progress. I told them I would not decide until I spoke to Brian’s parents and abruptly asked about his condition. The doctor informed me that Brian was still unconscious but was responding to stimuli.

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