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There is a golden balance, neither giving a direct real-life indication that the afterlife exists, but neither breaking it with the conviction that it absolutely doesn’t because that is a conviction. We are not certain that the afterlife exists or it doesn’t and treating the idea like bogey talk is just as bad, if not sometimes worse as treating it like it’s literal. You’re not the smartest person in the world just because you discovered the world is round. Amanda Deschamps can you explain why you argue that, be interested to know. Both Santa and God come with threats to “good”. Children grow out of the Chicago Bears Monsters Of The Midway Shirt 2018 of Santa with no harm really done. And personally, I was never really threatened with the “good” aspect. It was just fun. However, religion can follow a person their whole life, dictate how they treat others and define how they view death. The impact just isn’t comparable.

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Chicago Bears Monsters Of The Midway Shirt 2018, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

Ismene Daskarolis, many have had proof of an afterlife, if you choose not to believe that is your prerogative. Also, there is proof there is no Santa. However, once you convince a child there is Kristy Harper we only have individual accounts. Ones that are often influenced by whatever afterlife they’ve been taught. None are accepted by the scientific community. I still do not get how the royal mail knew where he lived. Do you think he was smart enough to fill in a return to sender address? Not saying it isn’t a cute story, but it does make one wonder.  Nobody’s given up on humanity. There are those out there trying to cause division through identity politics, they’re called lefties and Democrats, socialists and communists. The Chicago Bears Monsters Of The Midway Shirt 2018 of the world are getting on fine.

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