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Mickey took the time to sit down on the curb with him since Hayes couldn’t stand on his own. He was overcome with happiness as he stared up at Mickey. It may sound cliché but it was magical. The Dabbing Football shirt trip to California was magical. There was a sense of freedom for our family that I had never felt before.

Dabbing Football shirt

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The kids were enjoying having their brother with them and the worries of cancer were in the rear-view mirror. As we loaded up the Dabbing Football shirt to drive back to Utah, Hayes began throwing up. We assumed it was because of the baby formula he was on since it was a newer brand. He continued to throw up until we made it home that night.

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The worries began flooding our brains as we prayed and hoped it wasn’t the cancer returning. We took him to the cancer unit the next morning. The Dabbing Football shirt suggested an MRI be sure it wasn’t cancer. As was typical with MRI’s, we waited a day for the results. What would be the longest day of our lives, we received the phone call. I walked into the kitchen and saw Savanna making dinner.

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Mia was seated at the dining room table doing homework and Heath was wandering around the house in his typical manner. I walked over to Savanna, hugged her and asked about her day. Hayes was sitting down in his favorite rocker chair watching one of his tv shows. I walked over, picked him up and tossed him slightly in the Dabbing Football shirt trying to get a smile. He smiled in his usual manner, despite not feeling 100%. I sat him back down and made my way back towards the kitchen when Savanna’s phone rang. Hello, she answered in a shaky, hesitant voice. I could sense the seriousness of the conversation from the very beginning.

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