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Tiffany Ingram nobody cares in this world now. If bad news doesn’t belong to your country everybody starts laughing and being sarcastic. Apil Gurung peace how exactly is that peaceful? Laughing at something like this isn’t peaceful it’s disgusting and disrespectful. Muhammad Munzir really? cause in every page from 9gag to daily mail to them. It’s always your crowd who are starting the Dale Earnhardt the man the myth the legend the intimidator shirt wars. Lynn Johnson that’s not exactly fair to assume. None of my conservative friends are scumbags that would mock tragedy. These types are likely lacking friends, social skills, and attention. Kinda results in a sort of mental disability. I just see them as disabled to an extent. In every news post whether sad or good news, there’s always some people putting laughing emojis. You know this BBC site is followed by 30+ million and never expect everyone would think the same as you. Don’t have a dictatorial mindset by judging others instead learn to tolerate everyone’s emotion.

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People view/see things differently. Please see the names and where they are from. I dont see any Pakistanis. Indians think we have nothing better to do than be jealous of them. This news does bring me joy at all it makes me sad because innocent people have died. Stop blaming us all the time. Zoe HauuKyp As some of us is allowed to feel disgusted by the people laughing at other people’s tragedy. Zoe HauuKyp I’ll choose not to tolerate that nonsense, nevertheless, I also choose to not engage. But I’ll judge those people as I see fit. Setting standards is a reflection of your own self-respect and that benchmark is dictated by judging others. It’s just the Dale Earnhardt the man the myth the legend the intimidator shirt it is.  Just because you’re pro drugs doesn’t mean everyone has to be. If someone wants to use drugs they know the risks, and some of us have no sympathy for drug users who die from drug use. Maybe if you weren’t a bigot you’d have no issue with this.

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