Dinosaur that wasn’t very cash money of you vintage shirt

Dinosaur that wasn’t very cash money of you vintage shirt
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Ayesha Hasan! it’s almost all Pakistanis. But don’t expect much from them they cry a river for the Uighur then laugh at Indians unbelievable people.  Lynn Johnson are they? How do you know?  Have you asked them or are you just being judgemental? They may be labor voters, Corbyn fans, for all you know, then that would explain it! They have no soul to want him for. Tiffany Ingram each of us who have responded to your post indeed any post is visible if you select the emojis icon, like the Dinosaur that wasn’t very cash money of you vintage shirt are shown. My response is. Tiffany Ingram That’s nothing, you should get down my local Wetherspoons, they pour out of there every night. Alexandre Cayrouse the BBCs website sure but the BBCs Facebook page continues to promote a pro-Pakistan anti-Indian agenda. It’s blatantly obvious. They decided to skip the suicide bombing but love to focus constantly and in-depth at every negative piece of news out of India. I’m not saying to not cover the above story but the Facebook page continues to report disproportionately.

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Their agenda is clear. This was not a terror attack this was the response of an oppressed Kashmiri who lost his temper such incidents will keep happening unless your government gives Kashmiris the right to determine their future. Yes, I agree with that but I’m talking about the Facebook page which non of you seems to understand that I said in the beginning. Why we all like the Facebook page so we can see it. Yes, I can go on to their Office website and can read the news from all around the world.  Yusuf response with a bomb exploded is still terror attack unless Kashmir in the Dinosaur that wasn’t very cash money of you vintage shirt of war with India. They were soldiers, not civilians. The same soldiers have killed thousands of Kashmiris? every action has its own reactions. Modi Election Campaign starts officially They would create Fake surgical drama on Pakistan. Last time they did for U.P elections. What Pakistan has to do with this? Kashmir itself demand freedom. Now Bollywood should make. 

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