Don’t ask us we’re just the knockers shirt

Don’t ask us we’re just the knockers shirt
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Ian McMahon wtf.  that car. What you on? You get those for less than. Also, have you considered they are of retirement age? Most jobs won’t be suitable because of their age. It also takes time to get a job. The fact that you think that’s a 30k car is too funny. Probably a 2001 class and that’s a basic base model, there are so many charities out there, there’s no need to be on the Don’t ask us we’re just the knockers shirt. Could you explain further? I work in a charity, including with homeless people, can you explain exactly how there’s apparently no need and how all these people suddenly become home, and manage their tenancies. Ian McMahon HOW come the Council didn’t see the car they have and looking for a council house on taxpayers let them go and look for a job. Bev Wilson I’ve been homeless and so have friends. If no friends help, the council will give you a place and if there’s a gap charity will put you up for a bit.

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Don’t ask us we’re just the knockers Shirt, Hoodie, Ladies And Sweater For Men And Woman

Ian McMahon god people like you make me sick you think you know it all you have no idea about there circumstances, are you this nasty With people who come in to our country, who get everything handed to them on a plat they have a home money and are told what to claim for if you don’t believe me then you can go on the government Web site and it tells you all about it, so before you go around slaying people from our country who have fallen on a hard time just you think about what people from other countries get, we really dont have all the facts. The man may be working but not earning enough for a home without govt help. I thot the same thing about the Don’t ask us we’re just the knockers shirt, tho it could be a barely working better. We really dont know enough to get on their case about it.  Ian McMahon. The only thing embarrassing is you, just another know it all who knows nothing I think. If I had to live in a car it would not be in Mersea Island, it has water all around it and cold in the winter, sounds like they want a cheap place to live on the Island. 

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