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Duck Goose 2020 Shirt
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Duck Goose 2020 Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies.

Unfortunately, that has become much more difficult to do when there is so much uncertainty around us. In Texas, abortion is banned past 20 weeks gestation unless the Duck Goose 2020 Shirt mother’s life is threatened or the fetus has a severe abnormality, and patients must sit through mandatory counseling within 100 miles of the abortion provider and wait 24 hours after counseling before having an abortion. And since 96% of counties in Texas do not have a clinic that provides abortion services, these barriers to care already create undue burdens that in the face of.

Duck Goose 2020 Sweater

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COVID-19 has been exacerbated exponentially. According to a recent study published by the Guttmacher Institute, if legal abortions in Texas were ended, the Duck Goose 2020 Shirt average number of miles a woman would have to drive for abortion would jump from 12 to 243 a 1,925% increase. If abortion were shut down in Iowa, a patient would have to drive an average of 139 miles. In Oklahoma, 155 miles. People will always need access to abortion care, even during a pandemic, Kumar says. Unfortunately, that access is already seriously limited and overregulated.

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The addition of navigating this global pandemic and our state officials specifically targeting abortion care reminds me that those of us who are trained and expert in providing abortion care must show up at this moment for those who need us. Abortion providers are showing up, despite the Duck Goose 2020 Shirt increased risk to their health and well-being. So-called pro-life protestors are defying shelter-in-place orders and continuing to harass patients and providers outside of clinics, adding another risk of exposure to the everyday stress these health care providers have.

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Grown accustomed to navigating. And since there is a shortage of providers in the country one 2012 survey of 1,800 ob-gyns found that just 14% provided abortions, even though 97% had patients who saught the Duck Goose 2020 Shirt service there is a heightened sense of obligation felt by those who do this work. Simply put, if they don’t show up to provide abortion care, no one else will, and their services are needed now more than ever. People have been very scared when they’ve called us, Dr. Diane Horvath, an ob-gyn and abortion provider in Baltimore, tells Vogue.

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