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We were constantly moving to a new house because they would avoid paying the Dustin Roastbeef Cow On Sun shirt. Holidays and birthdays were only celebrated if Tim allowed but even then, it was controlled, and just very horrible experiences. By the time middle school came, I was a shy, skinny kid who just wanted to be loved.

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I longed to have a happy family or belong somewhere. I met my friend that I will call Harley in 6th grade. An amazing person who instantly recognized I needed a friend. I started going home with her during the weekends when Tim would allow it. Harley’s house was the place that makes you feel at home. Her mom and dad were divorced but were both amazing people who were still friends. Sometimes we would stay at her mom’s but most of the time we went to her dads. He was the first person to ever show me how a dad is supposed to treat a daughter. The first man that showed me love like that. As the years went by me and she grew apart because of course my mom and Tim moved us all over.

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But the memories were always there. My 10th-grade year I was starting a new school scared to death because I didn’t have anyone that understood me or what I was going through besides my brother and sister. No friends no family but who lived in our home. But God had a plan for me the Dustin Roastbeef Cow On Sun shirt time. I started the school year in a vocational class with a teacher Mr. Sutton. He was so nice so friendly. He would talk to me and actually get to know me. He would tell me about his wife and daughter and about fishing stories.

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