Fernet Branca Crocodile Shirt

Fernet Branca Crocodile Shirt
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They are against Isreal’s policy towards Palestine, Israels is recognized as a state so why can’t Palestine have that same, these people have fought against one another for too long, and drag other countries into it, America needs to stand for freedom for all people. This is hardly newsworthy. It is basically saying a woman just did what men have done for a while now. A better story would be what women do every day that most men can’t make on average less than 28 cents per dollar, pay rent, pay the Fernet Branca Crocodile Shirt, work, cook, clean, support and nurture the kids, and still manage to take the kids to practice and help with the homework all alone.

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Men would struggle with the same task lists. That is more newsworthy and that is what should be celebrated in the media and in our communities. All of these dudes are boring us. There’s always someone competing to be in top comment spotlight. If it ain’t Justin Phagan it’s prolly Ryan Moore, Kahn Souphanosinphone, and now this Iraqi American dude. All of them claim to be the most American. It may take a brainstorming of a million ideas but if we work together we can find solutions. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and share your ideas.

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Imagine and believe so we can create a sustainable way of living to make tomorrow better. It is a shame that people don’t even realize what is happening to our planet because of laws that have been lifted to protect our planet. I am afraid that due to division and blindness as to what is happening when they do realize the Fernet Branca Crocodile Shirt of their mistakes it is gonna be too late. Islands have come and gone since the beginning of time. We don’t even have the same continents we started out with. Grow up, people.

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