The First Black Hole Shirt

The First Black Hole Shirt
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I am no flat earther, but I cannot believe in these CGI images and claims of the moon landing. I cannot believe that people in suits like that could stand on the moon with a surface temperature of 100 degrees without getting roasted. Nor can I believe that The First Black Hole Shirt couldn’t have seen any stars from the moon as they claim. Nor that NASA lost all data since their ‘mission’ 50 years ago. Incidentally, if you fast forward the moon landing tapes EXACTLY at twice the speed you will notice movement consistent with earth gravity. In other words, the government fooled the world through the media by slow motion. Now that I raised a few valid doubts the trollers and the bots can say what they like, ’all think it’s the champion but I bet it’s the champ of just what we can see, I bet there’s bigger blackholes out their. Manish Katara It’s brighter than all those others, so easier to capture.

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The First Black Hole Shirt, Hoodie, Ladies, And Sweater For Men And Woman

The one in the middle of our galaxy is also in a rather inconvenient location to get a clear shot. Thanks for completely forgetting to credit the lady who created the key algorithm to execute this. Dr. Katie Bouman! Joining the ranks of Margaret Hamilton and the celestial 7 the 7 women who created the way we classify star systems using light today is an absolutely amazing accomplishment. Manish Katara because of the level of EM interference that would come from trying to view a supermassive black hole that closes, they look for and study ones further away. they do have accretion disks and event horizons which have size since 40 billion km seems a bit large for an event horizon (Note an event horizon for a solar mass-ish black hole is around 3 km. I think this might be The First Black Hole Shirt disk size. Bill Likos It doesn’t, it’s a false color constructed image, not a photo in the traditional sense a lot of the astronomy image you see are false color, because human eyes are so limited.

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