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They get paid for it. A company gets paid for it and the people of that country have to deal with it. The Freddie Mercury Air Jordan shirt of Malaysia, for the most part, aren’t paid for it. A company made a profit off it. That’s like saying business in your town sold something so you made money because you live there. Malaysia and most of the people there didn’t get paid for the trash dumped in their country. Adriane Roberts when the country has had approval from the Malaysian government to run, the terms of the contract requires them to accept the garbage. Only a few individuals are making money not the country itself and with corruption who knows where that garbage goes. Am Paiboon Plus will they return the money paid to them along with the so-called recyclable waste. I very much doubt it.

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But, I do see their point about not being used as ‘dumping places which beg the questions, How and where can everyone on this Planet dump waste products if everyone adopts not in my back yard policies think about it. It seems to me that people aren’t interested where this goes as long as it’s not on my doorstep. It’s because they have enough of their own waste to recycling now so don’t need to rely on this type of income. Am Paiboon all this rubbish has been recycled once by us councils are increasing our council rates to pay for collection of recycling then paying other countries to take it so wrong. Celia Crumpton waste was brought in to be recycled, but irresponsible people smuggled in non-recyclable waste. Containers were discovered full of non-recyclable trash, with recyclable waste packed neatly at the front hiding the Freddie Mercury Air Jordan shirt. Paid for but they have decided that clean air and water is worth more than money.

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