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Game of Thrones Crown Pittsburgh Steelers shirt, I think the way Arya did that was actually showing Sansa she trusts her. She let Sansa find the faces and chose to share with her what she’s become. She grabbed that dagger and told Sansa she could replace her. Then handed Sansa the Game of Thrones Crown Pittsburgh Steelers shirt dagger as if to say “but I won’t. I’m putting trust in you. At least that’s what I took. She didn’t have to tell Sansa her secrets. It was her weird way of reaching out, telling Sansa they are more alike than they think. Arya is mad and hurt, but I don’t see her betraying Sansa and I think the way she gave her that particular dagger showed that. To be fair, everyone else in the family refused to bend the knee to tyrants, and would rather die fighting.

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You would rather suffer and bend the knee than fight.  I don’t recall that anyone in my family died exactly fighting, my lord. But one of them, in fact, was executed after doing exactly as he had been told and bent the knee in order to protect his children. Here’s a reminder.  Bless Sansa for being so patient and putting up with these moldy cabbages she’s forced to call siblings. I don’t blame her for originally wanting to get away and go south. Sansa and Arya are playing Littlefinger. I hope they both kill him in the Game of Thrones Crown Pittsburgh Steelers shirt end. I was really looking forward to the sisters’ reunion, and the show has utterly ruined it. If it does happen in the books, I really really really really really hope things won’t go down like this. I may be wrong, but the way she’s acting seems out of character for Arya. Firstly, she let herself be manipulated by Littlefinger too easily considering that she’s a Faceless Woman. Secondly, she’s not just threatening Sansa, she’s threatening the current stability of the North, which would also hurt Jon and Winterfell. 

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