Game of Thrones Not Today shirt

Game of Thrones Not Today shirt
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There is a constant missionary going all over the world trying to convert those struggling with promise bribe of aid. Christian supremacists don’t see other groups as human beings. They are as arrogant as they are ignorant. Christians are being attacked in various places around the world and so are Jews and we are too nervous to condemn the Game of Thrones Not Today shirt in case we upset the Muslims so I think Hunt has a point. It is just the extremists in all religions that make the problems while as most of us, regardless of our creed, simply want to live a peaceful life. You should run this past Radio Four’s ‘More or Less’. Last time similar claims came up it was found to be false. What has changed? If the problem is just believing. Then the whole world should be persecuted because even those who don’t believe end up believing in something else.

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Patrick Murray Every one ends up being religious in one way or another, so those who say that all religion should be eliminated simply mean, eliminating the entire human family. Give me a break. I love how they cite Iraq pre-post as an example. When in a position of privilege, the balance may seem like persecution. Religion is not the issue, us humans will always find a reason to kill people that look, think or believe differently than others. How can we protect ourselves when we are playing politics against each other because of wealth or power. Rhonda Knight Hereford what about people killed by Christians or nonbelievers killed by believers of any faith don’t they deserve protection. People going on about this report like people who conduct reports have never skewed results or had an agenda before the Game of Thrones Not Today shirt begins. When have Christians been killed in massive numbers recently that it would be considered genocide? Didi miss a news story? 

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