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George W Busch Sunset shirt
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The hospital filled with many people in support of the George W Busch Sunset shirt. Others came just to be nosy. We were all broken. As an older sister, I always wanted to protect my sister. And now I couldn’t. I felt like I had failed her. We all loved McKenzie. We always told her how beautiful she was and to never listen to what others told her. It was too late now. During the planning of the funeral, we went back to school.

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One of the very boys McKenzie had named in her journal countless times was sitting right there in the office, completely unscathed. I was enraged. After McKenzie’s passing, so many people questioned, ‘Why didn’t anyone know?’ In reality, everyone knew. No one hid it. We wouldn’t let it get swept under the rug. It got to the point where even other students’ parents knew about it. McKenzie’s friends’ mother who was a stay at home mom would always notice when McKenzie was feeling down. She’d say, ‘She wasn’t herself today. She must have had a bad day. You should see what’s going on.’ And our family did just that. We watched all of the signs. We wrapped her up in so much love and support.

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We were constantly checking in. One question we’d always ask her was, ‘How was your day?’ To the parents who blamed us for not doing enough in the aftermath of her passing, understand that just because you asked this question and your child is still living doesn’t mean they’re not next on the George W Busch Sunset shirt. It just means to have more time to help them and demand change at your school. Questions that dug deeper and got to the root of her feelings. Because in reality, even if you think your child is opening up, there is a lot they are still probably leaving out.


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