Groot hug Jack Skelington shirt

Groot hug Jack Skelington shirt
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As soon as we made it to the house, I used the restroom, and that’s when everything changed. Something wasn’t right and immediately we were headed to the Groot hug Jack Skelington shirt. My mom sat with me and entertained my son as I was being told that there wasn’t a heartbeat. I forget the exact scientific terminology, but I know it meant I would not be having this baby.

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I had just told my mom, and now she was comforting me as I cried over my lost child. I know Derek hates flying, but I know he hates, even more, being told the saddening news about our baby. He had just picked up the car of his dreams for us to enjoy that weekend and instead he drove home in silence as the loss was sinking in. The doctors couldn’t pinpoint exactly when my miscarriage would happen, so we decided that I would still walk the stage. After all, that’s exactly what I came here to do. I felt fine physically as I got ready that night, only emotions eating at me as we drove to the university.

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I put on my cap and gown, my cap decorated with sunflowers and a picture of my big brother who always wanted to walk across the stage one day. I tried to give him that. As I sat in my seat while the president talked to the Groot hug Jack Skelington shirt, everything started happening. And while I walked across that stage, my body finally let go of the baby it had so desperately tried to hold on to. I still have the picture they force you to take right after you get off the stage. It’s funny how you can plaster a smile on your face and no one would even know the difference.

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