Horror Characters Reflect Shirt

Horror Characters Reflect Shirt
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I texted my mom and dad to tell them I was staying with a friend and then went into the Horror Characters Reflect Shirt theatre and had my right fallopian tube removed along with the baby that would never be. I went home the next day and said I felt like I had flu and went straight to bed.

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Nobody noticed and nobody asked me if I was okay. The summer I turned twenty-two I was living alone in a damp studio apartment so no one would find out about my battle with bulimia. I was taking drugs, going home with strangers, waking up and not knowing where I had been. No one would have known because I didn’t let anyone get close enough to find out but I was terrified that people would see through the cheerful and smiley exterior that I presented. Something in me finally snapped when I was raped by someone I had been seeing. I could no longer pretend to be okay.’

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Walking home from his house in a mini dress but no underwear because it was still lying on his floor, I felt so empty I thought I might just float away. I knew if I didn’t start fighting for myself I was going to end up dead. This will be my tenth year in my journey towards self-love. Recovery certainly hasn’t been linear. It has definitely been a process of two steps forward, four steps back, but I have a life now which I never thought possible for me. The Horror Characters Reflect Shirt quite simply has saved my life. I have done lots of therapy over the last ten years and it has helped me understand that it wasn’t my fault, that I am lovable, and there are people I am able to trust and rely on.

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