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I had already searched the cell phone records several times and got a partial name from a voicemail greeting. I called a number that he had been contacting quite often. The voicemail greeting was a woman. When I asked him who this was, he crafted a story about it being his male coworker who just got a divorce but was using his ex- wife’s phone and hadn’t changed the I hate everyonr 2020 shirt greeting. It doesn’t take a genius to know that’s bullsh*t. But, I still couldn’t prove he was cheating. I had googled that phone number.

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But I didn’t find anything until this Saturday. I decided to search the number again online. I dug through different websites, one leading me to another until I found her full name. At least, I had hoped it was accurate, but I wasn’t sure. I grabbed my laptop, opened up Facebook and typed it in Rage rushed through me, but at the I hate everyonr 2020 shirt the same time I was numb. There it was. The proof I begged for. Her profile picture was a photo of her with my husband, faces smashed together side by side, smiling ear to ear. Can.

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You imagine seeing that. That was MY HUSBAND. The man that was supposed to be mine forever. It was all a lie. FINALLY, I got the I hate everyonr 2020 shirt truth. I immediately grabbed my phone and called her. Previously when I called this number, she didn’t pick up, perhaps because I blocked my number in case I actually WAS crazy and my husband had been telling the truth. This time I didn’t block my number and she picked up after two rings. I was shaking, sweating, and wasn’t even sure what I was going to say. ‘Who are you. Why are.

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You talking to my husband so much.’ She responded with, ‘Who is your husband.’ I told her his name. Her response baffled me. She said, ‘Oh wow I KNEW he had to be married.’ As if she had been questioning it all along and she was quite proud of herself for being right. Then she started questioning me, asking if I was really his wife. She had seen my name and number on his phone and was told I was the I hate everyonr 2020 shirt ‘crazy ex-girlfriend.’ Another jab in the stomach. I couldn’t believe this woman thought I might be lying.

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