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Ian Thomson first of all, you’re not deciding for yourself but for your kid, and i think that the state and justice do have authority to judge if a parent is neglecting its children. and surely it should be up to the I’m a Simple woman Harry Potter Avenger and House Stark shirt to protect its citizens. not vaccinating your kids may be your choice as a parent, but it affects all the other children around you, and your child as well. measles outbreaks have been coming back because of the ignorance of way too many parents all across the world. Look at America. There is a measles outbreak because of Anti-Vaxxers. Because of this, people who are unable to be vaccinated such as the ill or young are contracting measles and risk dying. If you are unvaccinated you should be classed as a weapon and forced to live in gated communities together. Ian Thomson you’re children’s bodies, you mean? Like, you’d rather they risk contracting a deadly disease just to prove your invalid point. Immunocompromised children e.g those undergoing cancer treatments etc.

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Who cannot have vaccines, that the healthy need to be, so as not to pass it to these vulnerable people who would be in even greater danger from the disease than the rest of the population? On that very sensible note, we should also all repair and mot our own cars as we’re all licensed mechanics. Ian Thomson If you saw a child was being neglected in another way, maybe it was suffering malnutrition you would expect the state to step in. Neglecting your child by not getting them immunized against preventable deadly diseases is exactly the same. Not only are you putting your child’s life at risk but other children as well.  Ian Thomson, That’s not true. Vaccines become effective at eradicating disease because of a concept called herd immunity. If you don’t get vaccinated you will infect people with autoimmune disorders and then I’m a Simple woman Harry Potter Avenger and House Stark shirt the vaccine fails for and anyone dumb enough like you not to get one. You will still cause an epidemic even when vaccines work. Which they do. You just don’t understand them properly.

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