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It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt
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It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt, Hoodie, Ladies, And Sweater, Long Sleeved.

He was the hand on my back when Jordan breathed his last breath. He was the voice singing over me when I was screaming my brokenness to Him. He was the It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt to hold my heart when Jordan’s hand dropped from mine and became cold. He was the arms around me, holding me in shaking fits of rage. And He was the gentle whisper of comfort when my heart had fallen silent from unspeakable pain.

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The Lord walked through my journey of grief with me, through every ugly second. But what I didn’t know is that this isn’t where my story ended. There was another love story waiting for me – even when I least expected it. Jon was a dear friend of Jordan’s. Witty, friendly, and outgoing. When Jon walked into a room, everyone would turn to see the It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt who just entered. Jon lived in the same hall at ORU as Jordan and at our wedding, Jon was one of our ushers.

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Jon and I connected over a trip to Charleston. His parents graciously hosted me and one of my closest friends for a girls’ trip. My sweet friend had planned a getaway to Charleston for me as a reprieve from dealing with so much grief after losing Jordan. Meanwhile, a few days before our arrival, Jon came to Charleston from New York to stay with his parents for the It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt. I remember walking into the Patterson home and being greeted by Lewis and Kim, Jon’s parents.

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They scooped me up in big hugs. The Patterson home was filled with quick-witted puns, outrageous adventures, and impromptu singing and dancing created by the one-and-only duet of Jon and Lewis. I started laughing as soon as I walked in the It’s Khan Not Kahn shirt front door and didn’t stop for the entire weekend. My friend who had treated me to the girls’ trip would later tell me that she felt like she was watching a love story unfold before her very eyes.

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