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I fell bad for these kids. Sorry, your parents refused to follow the law. Bush, Clinton, and Obama gave these p[rents a chance and others a chance to fix this but for whatever reason, they decided not to. Now the children suffer because of them. It’s not Trump’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, INS, DHS’s fault. It is the Jason Voorhees ACDC Shirt fault of the parents, those that have been sitting in Congress for over a decade, and the people that keep voting for the Congressional parasites. Go after the true lawbreaker, the companies that hire these people at low wages and get away with because they know they are illegals.

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Barbara Ovila Lopez If that is true you should be demanding that law enforcement goes after every business owner who had ever hired an illegal that would include our current president and his family as many illegals have already come forward stating they work for Trump. Stop professing it is all about the law when it truly is about your prejudices. Barbara Ovila Lopez, there is such a difference in the laws that are being broken. You raise a good point, American parents are jailed and have children removed for far more serious crimes, violence against spouses, child abuse, murder, burglary, assault, DUI, etc.

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These people are taken because they stepped foot on American soil, and worked to support their families. However, do we survive these ruthless criminals. DCS Libra which is illegal if they don’t come here the legal way sorry but is the truth they get jailed and they get sent back in the Jason Voorhees ACDC Shirt same way in other countries believe it or not we’re not the only country that does this. cs Libra And FYI there are American parents Who have the kids taken away and they didn’t break a law at all but you’re not complaining about them are you.

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