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Paul Woodlock Why isn’t she in her own country and cleaning it up. She best holds her oath of our country, Abides by our LAWS and Respects ALL the legal citizens & Cultures as the majority of the Kansas City Chiefs 2018 AFC West Division Champions shirt Americans are ready to clean this country/political out. Kathrine Copeland Most US politicians are beholden to Zionism. The US Govt gives Israel nearly $4BILLION a year for it to murder Palestinians. The US regime has been spending trillions of dollars of US taxpayers money over the last 2 decades destroying Middle Eastern Countries for the Greater Israel project. Money which could be spent on the American people. If you can’t see how removing the Zionist lobby from US politics would hugely help the American people and avoid millions of people being slaughtered then there’s no hope for you.  Clinton Hoggatt No one said anything about anyone being Jewish. Your conflation of Jews and Zionism/Israel is by the IHRA definition actually anti-Semitic.

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Kansas City Chiefs 2018 AFC West Division Champions Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

Kathrine Copeland Quit with the xenophobia. This congresswoman was born in Detroit, Michigan. She literally is in her OWN country.  Paul Woodlock, I don’t think your math is correct. It’ more like a -500-1000 dollars per year per Israeli, perhaps over the many years it adds up to your figure.  This Palestinian woman and the Somali American one have an agenda regarding Israel- before the elections they said that they were pro-BDS and pro a one-state solution; after the elections, they say the Kansas City Chiefs 2018 AFC West Division Champions shirt. Democrats got freaks coming out of the woodwork. Get the popcorn, it’s going to be entertaining to watch them try to claw over each other’s backs. And she did spend time cleaning up Detroit as a US State Representative, starting in 2009. Perhaps before commenting, you should consult. The Google to verify your info instead of pulling it out of your ass. Steffan Helle but diversity DOES equal representation and Ros Stav what enemy are you referring to?

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