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We met in a nightclub in DC. I was 23 and an au pair in a foreign country. He quickly proceeded to give me chlamydia the Kawaii Neko Baka T-Shirt 3 months of dating. You’d think that would be a red flag but it wasn’t. He tried to blame me for the disease until I showed him the results of my STD testing I had done right before we started dating.

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Shortly after, I moved to New York to get away from him and two months later he called me and said ‘Hey, I have herpes did you give it to me? If not you should go get checked out.’ Just like that. No, ‘I am sorry I may have given you herpes and blamed you the Kawaii Neko Baka T-Shirt even after you’ve already proven me wrong.’ Just blame. I still panicked because I was living in another state and wanted to be sure.

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When I went and got checked out, I remember I couldn’t afford it so the family I worked for told me to go to Planned Parenthood and use the Kawaii Neko Baka T-Shirt credit card. It turned out I was clean. I was not even angry, I was scared for myself and worried about him if you can imagine that. He cheated on me so many times I couldn’t keep up and all his friends covered for him. I found out because I would check his phone or Ipad periodically.

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Some of these girls were people I had met and realized he had been with both of us at the same time as if it was nothing. He actually had one of his exes living with him during our first Christmas together. It was just the Kawaii Neko Baka T-Shirt of us like some twisted family. He told me they weren’t actually ‘together’ at first but eventually, she broke the news. She had such a hold on him. New Years Day, which is also my birthday, he chose her and cocaine over me.

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