Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb shirt

Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb shirt
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Tracie Scott, it’s not just the Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb shirt for a lot of women, it’s having to undress and lie on the couch, let alone someone putting something inside you. It can be very triggering.  Meren Herbert absolutely. That’s why it is good to develop a good relationship with your GP if you can. My GP is female.. Its still embarrassing but it is much easier knowing that she is in this for my health. She sees so many vaginas daily. She doesn’t want to be up in my business any longer than necessary. I feel sorry for women with these issues. I really do, but we need to have it. There are at home kits you may have access to. Do some googling and calling, I just know that there is a solution for everyone.. Our health is number one. Krissy Gray was a virgin till my mid 20 and have had my smears done from 16 on and then not even on a medical bed but on a gyno chair with stirrups.

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That’s my daughters’ problem having Asperger’s stripping and showing their privates is a big deal and also the unknown of what it feels like. I know one time it put me right off, it hurt like hell, swore she stabbed my stomach made me scared to have my next one, although uncomfortable it wasn’t so bad but the fear is always there that it will hurt again. For women who are still virgins even having a pediatric speculum used is painful and the bimanual exam is excruciating. I prefer metal to plastic. I had a bad experience with having a plastic one used on me. Beverly Moses, I totally understand. My 25-year-old son has Aspergers. He prefers certain textures with things, he is quite particular and minimalist with things. He absolutely hates the Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb shirt of getting his hair cut. I think with the right therapy prior to these procedures, it would make it possible. Sometimes we just have to do what is uncomfortable, the biggest lesson in the life of someone with Aspergers is the constant uncomfort. 
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