LGBT free mom hugs shirt

LGBT free mom hugs shirt
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I don’t understand why Trump got upset. I would totally love it if the power of the US Federal government was focused on finding fodder for the LGBT free mom hugs shirt smear machine. Regressive Democrats need to stop this illegal alien invasion from our southern border and stop investigating nonsense. Silent majority love and support president trump and he will definitely be re-elected, President. Two and a half years of an investigation and nothing from an all-Democratic Special Prosecution team. Their lead attorney represented the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s Natl Security man Ben Rhodes in the Benghazi hearings.  

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Put two and two together. Liberals think outside the box the media gas lighting and secular humanism places you in. Obama had an alias on the server. Let that sink in. The Clinton Foundation was a CIA front to get around FOIA and the attack on Trump is a coup still in progress now through the Mueller investigation to use process crimes to establish the optics for impeachment. It’s a psyop with the willing participation of the media. Trump is not innocent. Even RM said if his team had found evidence of him being innocent they would have said so. RM said they found plenty to charge him with – but he is serving as the president so they can’t do it.

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LGBT free mom hugs shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater designed by Kingtees

I REST my case a vindictive POS to the common citizen or anyone that crosses his path, and America — those that voted for that POS, those that have opposed him should have nothing to do with their people in life that have to enable and condones that amoral and corrupt LGBT free mom hugs shirt. BIG Danger..this guy Castro and his twin brother will make Obama look like Ronald Reagan this guy is a Socialist Communist dangerous I’ve been warning people about him and his twin for almost 10 years. Gotta keep the Crap News Network filled with all kinds of conspiracies to keep it relevant.

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