Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt

Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt
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John Dean is a narcissist arrogant sociopath and political hack. He was disbarred and jailed for perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice. He’s a total embarrassment to the Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt profession and made a mockery of our government and judiciary system. Jordan Avellino, you rather believe a person convicted of a crime of obstruction and I am sure money had a lot to do with it Or promises. Constance Hensley Good gosh, you are describing trump. I guess you learned some of those words recently, reading about trump. There is a felon in the White House.

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Debra Borden The Republicans allowed him to resign in August 1974. If Trump were smart he’d resign also. But, he’s not. Lorraine Klaiss Myers, Manafort’s problems had nothing to do with President Trump. They happened long before his short sojourn with the campaign. Cohen also has many problems that had nothing to do with President Trump. Melodie Innerbichler, Nixon, unlike Clinton, decided that it would be better for the country if he resigned rather than go through a trial in the Senate. His crimes were minor compared to Clinton’s and Obama’s. I don’t think so. I think Cohen has lost his license also and we all know that he is in jail.

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Dean is trying to state the similarities between Nixon and Trump. If you don’t like it, too bad for you. John Dean is a good man.  Lorraine Klaiss Myers They lied on there own behalf, nothing to do with Trump. As for Gen. Flynn, I would sue the FBI and DOJ. You should really get your facts straight, you look foolish not knowing what in the Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt your talking about. More obstruction of justice from you just like Trump. There is no version when it comes to truth and lies. If you hear lies long enough you no longer recognize the truth. A just world is a sane world. Truth is truth and lies are lies.

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