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I started therapy and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder which I now know was incorrect. The medicine didn’t work and I continued to drink to settle my brain or to fix my pain. I still was all over the Love Golf Shirt place I dated my husband on and off, fought with him, and dated other people, because I had no idea what I had been blessed with. By some sort of miracle, when I was 27 and he was 32, after many ups and downs, we decided to get married. I found out I was pregnant again, so we rented a townhouse and moved in.

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Together. I had my daughter full-time and I started her in counseling, I was promoted to the office manager at the car dealership where I worked, and I felt like things were finally going well. The thoughts of drinking lessened a bit, but not for long. In November of 2004, our son, Elijah, was born. He was absolutely perfect and so beautiful, and it seemed I was finally getting better at handling life. I was truly happy most of the Love Golf Shirt time. Then the real nightmare began… Our son started with a fever and quickly got very sick, at 4.

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Days old. What we thought was just a fever from his circumcision, was actually the beginning of the worst days of my life. He was flown from our local hospital to Johns Hopkins Children Center, where he coded and almost died numerous times. He spent five months in the Love Golf Shirt hospital, and throughout the next four years, our lives were turned upside down. I had to quit my job and our lives turned into a series of hospital stays, medications, helicopter rides to the emergency room, intensive home therapy, and doctors’.

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Appointments. In the summer of 2008, Elijah was admitted to Johns Hopkins with pancreatitis, caused by his seizure medications. It would end up killing him, while we watched helplessly. After a four-month hospital stay, we decided it was time to let him rest and have peace. He had no more fight in him, and on November 29, 2008, five days after his 4th birthday, we brought him home on hospice care. My husband and I knew it was selfish to keep letting him be tortured with tests and treatments that only prolonged the Love Golf Shirt unavoidable.

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