Make insulin affordable again shirt

Make insulin affordable again shirt
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Trump is trying to destroy the very foundation those soldiers gave their lives for and on which we developed a peaceful West. Trump is truly dangerous and a willing helper to those nations that can’t wait to see the Make insulin affordable again shirt divided and ultimately destroyed. Don’t be ridiculous he is against New world order and therefore fighting against evil. And most of us think the sooner we have fewer links with the EU the better. In the last war, Germany was fighting against us and your country was helped by Britain to rebuild Germany. But far from being fearful you would try to destroy us again. No matter what truths are revealed, some people will never sway from their blind allegiance to this traitor/criminal. it’s easier to live blindly than to admit to the ugly facts. Alex Schmidt, you observe well.

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I guess you need to have a certain IQ to understand and many do not. I still think it is appropriate to honor the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their countries. Many did not want to fight but had no choice. I lost my own father through the consequences of war and will remain anti-war for the rest of my life. Prayers of wisdom to Trump to learn how to make peace and not war. Today’s about the heroes but the typical idiots even protesting on social media have some respect SALUTE TO the Make insulin affordable again shirt and salute to my great grandad, and by the way, it’s not like that the UK hasn’t committed atrocities, wars, and genocides for hundreds of years on end. Gillian Newman destroy who? The USA you didn’t join the war in Europe until 1943 and guess what a few people all over Europe had been fighting the fascists before then. Gillian Newman Germany has been a peaceful democracy for over 70 years.

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