Merry Bitchmas ugly Christmas sweater

Merry Bitchmas ugly Christmas sweater
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Cervical cancer has a great screening process in place to catch it early and treatment has a good success rate. So for me, I’m one of the Merry Bitchmas ugly Christmas sweater ones but hey I’m still alive and not because of a game of chance.  Yes, you’re lucky too but luck can run out. Posting on articles to promote smears your anecdotal experience isn’t helpful in the slightest. Just think how many women reading it will think they’ll take the same risks too. Just because you’re lucky doesn’t mean others will be.  Question: What exactly is NHS? Are there not GYN’s outside of NHS that can do these tests? And labs that can provide results? Is NHS your only option? Tricia Anne Mitchell But I get the first time something is wrong you will get to them in a flash. Unless of course, you have an offshore account. 

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Lynn St Bonneau No. There are plenty of private hospitals and doctors throughout the UK. However, we pay into the NHS via our employment from day one so any and all treatment is free. NHS is our free for all medical and health system. In the UK. Your registered automatically at birth and can use it whichever way you want. Either total birth to death or pay privately for anything on personal choice. You might not consider yourself lucky if you get cancer that could have been prevented by early detection smh, You’ve been very lucky then but that’s not true of everyone. A smear test saved my life 4 years ago when cancer that was very close to being invasive was found. It saved me from having to go through chemo or radiation as well.  I have just had my last smear at 62. By the time of the next routine screening, I will be too old. It stops at 65. Mammograms go on to 70. Bowel screening; I did my first one a couple of years back. My feeling is if its offered take the Merry Bitchmas ugly Christmas sweater, it may save your life. I have encouraged both my daughters to go and they do. My auntie was 49 when she died of ovarian cancer. Well done Mrs. Vardy for sharing.


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