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After he shakes me off of him, he throws my phone and walks away. I grab my phone and send voice notes to certain people on my phone about what just happened. He comes in moments later on the phone with the My patronus is Spider Man Harry Potter shirt. He said I assaulted him. I stayed quiet and texted a friend who said, wait 10 minutes, and then you call the cops.

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He could be lying. When I called they said they haven’t received a call from this location. When the cops arrived, they asked for one us to leave for a while. I decided to leave with mostly all my things and the baby’s things. A friend of mine said I could stay with her for the weekend. That weekend was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. While at her house, I wrote my first journal entry to my daughter. This was the first time I wrote for pleasure in years. Writing is how I expressed myself, poetry is who I am. My daughter inspired me to write again. That Monday morning, I went to do an order of protection. I’m almost sure someone told him I was there because he showed up. He tried to talk to me and threaten me, but I ignored him.

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While waiting for the judge, he had two women with him. He told the judge he was being abused and that I don’t live at the apartment and showed them a letter I signed asking to be removed off the My patronus is Spider Man Harry Potter shirt as head of household, which was all lies. Fast forward almost 2 years later, I published my first book of poems and journal entries called ‘Pretty Girl Special‘ and launched it on my birthday. This book was born between survival and faith.

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