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Horrific lighting as we were driving home from Wye valley and beautiful walks Friday. Sorry for their loss. I used to live in Northampton where max lighting strikes, that we have to remember what not to wear/ do avoid metal zippers, standing close to trees or each other. Diverse yourself anything metal. Rubber shoes when outside help. My mother once got ‘struck ‘ when she ran a bath during a thunderstorm . So we take lightning very seriously. A tragic accident, thoughts with her child and family. Thoughts also with the Official Carlos Maza Is A Fag Shirt 6 walkers who have witnessed the most horrendous of events and I’m sure a wait feels like forever to be rescued whilst in shock. I’m sure they will live with this for a long time. I was swimming in the sea when lightning struck the beach in front of me – never ever screamed and swum/run so quickly in my life.

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I spent a lot of time in Florida they have lightning strikes all the time used to have to be evacuated from the sea or water parks then you could stand in the beach watching the lightning hit the water. Laura J Eccott never goes swimming if there us a thunderstorm. Learned that as a kid .and I am 60 now .and never stand under a tree or in a field. Richard Kent The storm came very quickly from inland so whilst I was facing towards the ocean the Official Carlos Maza Is A Fag Shirt looked fine. I had to go into the direction of the lightning to get away from it which was the worst part. There wasn’t any warning and the weather apps all said the weather was going to be fine. It’s one of those things. Glad I made it out OK. Happy memory this when a time America was a great country and relations with the u.k. was fantastic and my ex-girlfriend from America was normal.

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