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Official Ok Boomer Sweater
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That afternoon, I waited outside for her to get out of school. The bell rang and she came running out of the building. I gave her a big hug when I saw her and helped her into the Official Ok Boomer Sweater truck. ‘Is daddy coming to my appointment too.’ she asked. ‘Yes sweetie, daddy is waiting for us at home.’ We drove home only to drop off her backpack and pick up her daddy. As we drove to the pediatrician’s office, she expressed being nervous once again. Both my husband and I reassured her that whatever is it, we would all handle it together. The typical.

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Routine ensued when we arrived. I checked her in at the front desk and, after a few moments, we all went into the exam room. When her pediatrician looked at it, she looked puzzled. The first thing she wanted to try was a round of antibiotics for 7 days to see if it would go away. My husband and I looked bewildered. This was a hard lump under her skin. There was no warmth or redness to be seen or felt. We expressed our concerns and told her doctor we wanted an ultrasound right away, but she insisted on the Official Ok Boomer Sweater antibiotics. We took the.

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Prescription from her very hesitantly. The next few days were nothing more than utter frustration. After we arrived home with a prescription that we felt was completely unnecessary, my husband and I started talking. ‘I don’t feel comfortable with this Official Ok Boomer Sweater all,’ I said. ‘Something just doesn’t feel right.’ ‘That’s ridiculous. It is an obvious hard, black lump. We can see it right through her skin,’ my husband said. ‘I know. I’m calling back first thing tomorrow morning and requesting to have an ultrasound scheduled,’ I shared. The next morning.

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I was back at it first thing. I called her pediatrician’s office and told the representative on the phone we wanted to have an ultrasound done as soon as possible. She assured me that Chrissy’s pediatrician always checks her messages at lunchtime and we should receive a callback. Lunch came and went, no phone call. So, I called once again towards the Official Ok Boomer Sweater end of the day, right before their phones were turned off for the day. ‘I’m so sorry,’ said the representative. ‘I’m sure she’ll call you after office hours today. Maybe she got busy.

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