I Paused My Game To Be Here Shirt

I Paused My Game To Be Here Shirt
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Annie Pooley, This is the problem with politics the UK. None of the tossers give a sh1t about the I Paused My Game To Be Here Shirt of the UK. It is all about themselves. None of them are fit for purpose. Corbyn used to have a total hatred of the EU, now he seems to be on the fence as he is just after votes of the moaners. He is fast starting to appear like being a hypocrite.  Labour needs to make its position on Brexit clear. Their 5 tests seem to be a remain scenario. Not that they would ever get my vote. Labour hoping that conservatives vote against themselves and the DUP vote for a Sinn Fein supporter? Not going to happen is it and the BBC are now the voice of the communist propaganda machine. When will British get over with this mess? Are you waiting for the time when all Brexit voters pass away so that you can revert to the EU’s era?

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Where’s your Democracy which you always preach to others no one takes you seriously, purposely doing a bad job at negotiating so you get to rerun a referendum isn’t a democracy. I would, as it would be taken with some meat on the bones, not the fairy tales and fallacies promised on the side of a bus. Lee Walker, purposely telling the electorate they will get unachievable things isn’t a democracy either. Andy Brown, personally I voted remain but I’m more than willing to accept the result of the first referendum. However, the I Paused My Game To Be Here Shirt  I have seen is that people who voted left seem to think whichever version of Brexit they expected will simply be delivered. The loudest leave voices now seem to be calling for no deal. There was never a mandate for no deal.

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