Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater, Sweater, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies.

I convinced you to start seeing a therapist. There were stages of grief that I could love you through, but I could never truly understand myself. I thought it would be healthy to just talk it out with someone who specialized in these issues. I didn’t know that a cult member would be stationed outside of the Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater mental health facility. They stationed themselves there, purposefully. They were looking for people like you. The broken, shattered, depressed, and hopeless. You were an easy target. It started.

Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Long Sleeved T-Shirt
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Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater, Sweater, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies Men And Women.

Off when you brought home a Bible. Some woman gave it to me on my way out from the shrink. You tossed it aside and didn’t think much of it. We were both raised Christian and kept faith and religion dear to our hearts. This was different. They hassled you. Begged you to visit their church. You cracked. They baptized you the Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater first day. Throughout the following weeks, I saw you slipping away. You recited passages from the Bible printed out on white paper and stapled together. They gave it to you and it.

Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Shirt

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Struck a nerve in you. Only this wasn’t real scripture, meaning it was just recently written. I tried to tell you. You got angry. It was raining on your parade. You were just trying to pick up the Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater pieces of your life. Not before long, you were dissecting our every move. We couldn’t see family, we couldn’t see friends. I had to convert. You told me I wouldn’t get into heaven if I didn’t. At least, that’s what they told you. They used fear tactics and threats of doomsday. It was a cult. At your lowest point.

Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Hoodie

Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater, Sweater, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies designed by KingTees.

You got sucked in a cult. Im sorry, I can no longer touch you, you told me. I cried. We were husband and wife. Suddenly, I was unholy. Everything I did was a sin. I dont blame you. They took control of your mind and brainwashed you. Then came the Pikachu Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater money. They told you the more money you paid, the more blessings you could get, and the more likely it would be that you could get into heaven. Next, the kindest man I ever know was now using racial and homophobic slurs. All in the name of some pseudo-Jesus.

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