Pittsburgh Steelers Grinch Shirt

Pittsburgh Steelers Grinch Shirt
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She thinks the US and Germany were allies in WWII. So why not make her UN Ambassador. Please. Make it stop. Please. Lindsay is such a jolt of energy that this team needed. Now I know how the Chiefs fans felt when Hunt and Hill started killing it on every play. If 76 hadn’t intercepted it DB would have. Terrible throw but you should still win North division with sorry ass Bengals/Ravens/Browns. I’m going to start rooting for Chiefs and Mahomes. I just walked outside and looked at the stars .. I guess now I am a qualified astronaut Always like to see a young kid do good in NFL. Two weeks in a Roll with under one minute left Tiny Ben Throws an interception in the end zone. 1st and goal on the 5 and you can’t give that bad man Conner a run up the middle. Cmon now I needed that. BIG BEN did the Pittsburgh Steelers Grinch Shirt DAMN thing last week in the end zone except for this time there was no 15-yard facemask penalty to bring the football back.. Why in the hell would BEN throw that football especially that close, with nobody there.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Grinch Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

Heck, he should have just tried to run the football in for a touchdown. Loved the Fake Field Goal that the Steelers made into a touchdown, and honestly, after review, the play before the Bronco’s score should have been challenged. The Steelers should’ve learned from the Seahawks mistake a few super bowls ago. Don’t throw against the Broncos when you’re on the 1-yard line. Smdh serves them right. Penalty after penalty called and then dipstick Ben throws it to the other dang team which should have been for the tie. Exciting and then frustrating game. I love Ben but he is the way too inconsistent. He blows one team out then loses to the next.  Watching Trump and the going on in the WH, and now the UN is funnier than an episode of the Simpsons. He beats the Pittsburgh Steelers Grinch Shirt teams then loses to the worst. So sick of it. I don’t get all these people acting like 6 super bowl wins don’t mean anything, and if it’s so long in the past, then everyone has had ample opportunity to catch up, so where are you.

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