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The 2016 referendum wad 52% for all versions of leave and 48% remain. That’s not a mandate for no deal. The Poppy The Man The Myth The Legend Shirt GE returned a minority Conservative government. Again that’s not a mandate for no deal. When will the left side unite around a Brexit that follows the will of all the British people? That means somewhere between no deal and remain. Remain will never get behind Brexit until leavers have a united voice that is a reasonable assessment of the vote. It’s democracy twice because you didn’t like it the first time that’s the problem.  Gareth Greig LMAO why is it remains always bring up the bus do you really think the 17 million people voted to leave because of a slogan was written on the side of a bus. I voted to leave and I knew what was written on that bus was total bs anyone with half a brain knew that. Leave would win an again millions of leaver didn’t vote the first time around because they thought they had no chance of winning.

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The arrogance of some remainders who think that everybody that voted left didn’t know what they were voting for or they are racist bigots is unbelievable my grandparents voted left one is a retired pharmacist the other a retired financial director. Yet I know plenty of young millennial types who voted remain and don’t have enough common sense to fill a thimble!  What exactly was promised on the side of a bus?  It said, let’s fund our NHS instead Let’s is a suggestion, not a promise. Why do people still not get that after all this time? Hewitt The bus is symptomatic of the Poppy The Man The Myth The Legend Shirt Leave campaign. Illegal spending, illegal funding allegedly, misrepresentation, outright lies. There was a lot of racism, both implicit and explicit, expressed. This is not to say that everyone who voted leave was gullible, stupid or racist. And even if they were, so what? Their votes count.

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