Pug Dog ugly Christmas Sweater

Pug Dog ugly Christmas Sweater
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Never understood why women don’t go, all sorts of other things get put up there, it’s not that bad in the Pug Dog ugly Christmas Sweater scheme of things! Go get checked. Not true, for some of us it’s a very traumatic thing to go through. I’ve never ever been and never will. I’ve now signed a waiver form to the doctor no longer sends me smear test appointment reminders. I have a bad phobia about medical stuff and getting undressed. I’ve tried hypnosis and CBT but to no avail. It all stems from the abuse I suffered in the past. I know this, but mentally I’ve been unable to overcome it. It’s not easy for everyone. Here in the US a lot of women can’t afford them. My local gyno charged $400 for a test before my insurance kicked in. I understand that’s 400 every 3 years but some women don’t even have any money left over for the month to save (and depending on where you live in the US sometimes you don’t qualify for insurance even if you’re poor.

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Kelly Jackson exactly. No one discussing “smears” ever talks about how it could be hard for women of different experiences. And those who have had severe trauma? Try asking any doctor, who you can’t even book on a regular week because she’s either not working that day or already booked to the max, if he or she would be willing to work with a patient to get them to the point where they could go through the exam, doubtful your response would be positive. Self-test kits are out there now, Australia and Canada have them. Cheap and pretty noninvasive, not painful you can do them whenever and wherever you are most comfortable.  I had a smear test and then the Pug Dog ugly Christmas Sweater rang me and said sorry you are too early so the NHS will not pay for it. I asked if I could pay for it and they said no. They destroyed the sample. This the system. Even if you offer to pay for it they will not do it for you. Next time I will go to a private doctor. 

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