Revenge Tour Canceled Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan Shirt

Revenge Tour Canceled Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan Shirt
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American politics has rarely been more divisive and confrontational than it is today. Our political system is widely understood and characterized as a controlled, ongoing conflict, now quite heated and intense, between Right and Left. These terms have come to characterize the Revenge Tour Canceled Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan Shirt political landscape despite their being outmoded and vague. These core terms right and left originated during the French Revolution—that unfortunate nightmare of upheaval that eventually swept across Europe in the late 18th century. At the National Convention in revolutionary France prior to the regicide of Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, the supporters of the king and of a more moderate constitutional monarchical republic sat on the right of the hall; the revolutionist Montagnards, later the Jacobins, sat on the left.

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After the execution of the king January 1793, the revolutionists sitting on the left benches in the Convention called for, and implemented, an extraordinarily swift and radical fundamental overhaul of the existing political system; the ancien régime was wiped away and the libertéégalité fraternité utopian fantasies of the Jacobins forcibly put in place with subsequent catastrophic results. The benches on the right sat empty. The right, over time, came to be understood as those who support a less rapid form of change, and those on the left a more vigorous and swift form. In the American political scene of the present day, these terms have shifting meanings and not all agree as to which are correct and which are not. The Revenge Tour Canceled Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan Shirt in clearly understanding and applying these terms in reportage, analysis, conversation, and debate, and the general confusion that they now cause suggests the need for a re-assessment of their applicability and value. The RightLeft divide is not what it seems. American politics is now about philosophy and not at all about policy. Politics has become philosophy by other means to shamelessly paraphrase von Clausewitz.

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