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Some had fetal abnormalities that were at the legal limit, and now, because somebody decided on a whim to score political points, these patients are being forced to continue pregnancies that were never going to survive and be healthy. I just can’t imagine being in that position. Dr. Bhavik Kumar, a board member at Physicians for Reproductive Health and medical director at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, doesn’t have to imagine. Kumar has been an abortion provider in Texas for more than five years and has witnessed the Rip And Tear Vintage Shirt damage.

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Politicizing abortion care has done to pregnant people and their families. Now, amid a public-health crisis and uncertainty the Rip And Tear Vintage Shirt exacerbated by GOP leadership, Kumar is bearing witness to a heightened level of urgency in patients. Folks are feeling nervous and anxious, Kumar tells Vogue. I am most worried about making people feel safe and comforted. My patients and our staff are all facing new challenges and lots of uncertainty during this pandemic. As a physician, I pride myself on making people feel better, including the.

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Amazing people I get to work with every day. Unfortunately, that has become much more difficult to do when there is so much uncertainty around us. In Texas, abortion is banned past 20 weeks gestation unless the Rip And Tear Vintage Shirt mother’s life is threatened or the fetus has a severe abnormality, and patients must sit through mandatory counseling within 100 miles of the abortion provider and wait 24 hours after counseling before having an abortion. And since 96% of counties in Texas do not have a clinic that provides abortion services, these.

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Barriers to care already create undue burdens that in the face of COVID-19 have been exacerbated exponentially. According to a recent study published by the Rip And Tear Vintage Shirt Guttmacher Institute, if legal abortions in Texas were ended, the average number of miles a woman would have to drive for abortion would jump from 12 to 243 a 1,925% increase. If abortion were shut down in Iowa, a patient would have to drive an average of 139 miles. In Oklahoma, 155 miles. People will always need access to abortion care, even during a pandemic, Kumar says.

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