Rip Beth Chapman Shirt

Rip Beth Chapman Shirt
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As a polyamorous family, we deal with all the same complications people in monogamous relationships deal with. We also have a few challenges that are more specific to nonmonogamy. However, if you strip away all the Rip Beth Chapman Shirt, our relationship is based on consent, family, consideration of each other, open communication, respect, and honesty. We all ‘came out’ as polyamorous in October.

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While that rocked my quiet, conservative, religious little southern town, I don’t regret it. I couldn’t fathom sharing the love with anyone besides my husband. I thought I would be shunned by everyone around me. I worried I would upset my children. Worse yet, I feared being punished by God. I did a lot of souls searching over those next few months. Even though we were all still in the closet, my girlfriend began spending time with our family and some of our friends. I just told everyone she was my best friend for a long time. We realized that we were all truly happy about sharing our lives. I was, in fact, irrevocably in love with two people. We all love and respect one another.

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I didn’t just step outside of the box that religion kept me in for many years, I stripped all the preprogramed ideas out of my head. Once I opened my mind and my heart to both of them, I realized that while my happiness may not look like everyone else’s happiness, it is real. It is priceless, it is uniquely mine, and I would not trade a second of it for anything else in the Rip Beth Chapman Shirt. My children are happy, and they are loved. Not only by their traditional mother and father figure, but they have an extra parent to love them now too. My oldest son, who is 19 said, ‘Mom, my generation is very different from yours.

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