RIP Daniel Johnston Shirt

RIP Daniel Johnston Shirt
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For 3 weeks Colton had been gone working his butt off to try and provide for our family. I had been a ‘single mom’ trying to entertain my toddlers and find something that brought me the RIP Daniel Johnston Shirt. I started sinking lower and lower into a depression, which I was really unaware of at the time.

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And in those same 3 weeks, we did not once see any sort of paycheck. For 2 weeks we decided to postpone bills so we could have money to survive. During this time, I ran into a friend who I started catching up with because I hadn’t seen him in forever. I had known him most of my life and we had always been close. Things did not seem to get any easier. We didn’t move when we had planned because the money that was supposed to be coming in, wasn’t. I started pushing Colton away and resenting him. I felt so abandoned by the person who was supposed to take care of our boys and me. Because of this, I started turning to this friend of mine I had reconnected with.

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I talked more with him and less with my husband. It got to the point where I would meet up with him and we would talk. Talking turned into more, and I found myself in the midst of something I NEVER thought I would be capable of. For months I tried to hide this huge dark cloud of lies that followed me. And as much as I wanted to tell Colton the RIP Daniel Johnston Shirt, I didn’t know-how. He eventually moved back to Utah and we tried to figure things out. We continued to push each other away. I pushed even harder because, at this point, I felt like he would be better off without me.

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