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If this was Jeremy Corbyn the mainstream press would probs ask for his resignation (again) and it would carry on for weeks. The past is the past, but unfortunately, if you have a drug history then your not allowed into the SAFE Stoned as fuck everyday shirt period. Now that his confession is public knowledge on social media. Agreed. But being an odious, smug git should stop you running as a Tory leader (as should looking like some dodgy advert for Oxfam shops when out actually running). Time for mandatory drugs tests in Parliament. They are making decisions on our lives whilst on drugs. Disgusting. He has admitted to committing a very serious criminal offense. Buying cocaine helps fund terrorism and he knows it. Oh, don’t worry Michael, I would imagine that you being vacuous, backstabbing, and free from the shackles of independent thought would have more bearing on the matter.

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Taking drugs shouldn’t affect his chances, on the other hand, being a pathetic excuse for a human being probably should.  I’d be more impressed if he said, loved a bit of change in my youth, but you know how it goes bruv need my sleep these days so generally just stick to the odd bottle of Chateau Petrus at weekends. Yes, he may have committed a crime that some people are currently doing jail time for, but hey, it could be worse. We could have Diane Abbott in the Cabinet if Labour wins, and she once got some maths wrong in a live radio interview. One would think the SAFE Stoned as fuck everyday shirt he made as Education Secretary and continued support of austerity should though. This joker could not be trusted if you think May was bad this fellow would be a disaster. Dear heavenly Lord, we adore and magnify you. You are the only true God for all the other gods are the works of men. 

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