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They tried so hard to make it so I could at least see my sister. There was one night, in particular, we waited at my school for quite a while for my sister’s foster parents to bring her to us. She was supposed to stay the Samurai Hunting shirt with me. After several failed attempts to get ahold of them, they finally called and said she couldn’t come because she was grounded for grades.

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I’ll never forget how angry my foster dad got because they did not believe in keeping siblings apart for that. If nothing else, she could’ve worked on her stuff when she got home from my house. By this point, I hadn’t seen my sister in the Samurai Hunting shirt. I ran into her one time at a Christmas party hosted by CPS and didn’t recognize her. She was almost a teenager by that point. That’s how long it had been. I could not recognize my own sister.

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When I turned 18 I could not wait to be emancipated. I reconnected with my mother because a girl needs their mom, right? I believed in redemption and forgiveness so when she told me she was clean, I believed her. I uprooted the Samurai Hunting shirt I had planned in life to move to Oklahoma. I quickly learned that things had not changed. Over the course of five years, I gave her so many chances to clean up her act.

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Samurai Hunting shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater designed by Kingtees.

She never did. She moved to another state in 2012 so I felt this was my fresh start away from her again. My sister and I at the time did not have a great relationship. I fully blame CPS for that. We were strangers to each other. Same with my the Samurai Hunting shirt. Other than my husband and two kids, I felt like the only family I had were Sarah and Jarrod. Over the years my sister and I have become stronger than ever. Unfortunately, she went through something traumatic, but I didn’t hesitate to be there for her.

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